We needs to talk about light… its all around us! I would love to show you how to best light your jewelry for your social media posts to make sure you but your jewelry in the best light. Now I understand you may not be a product photographer, or making clean E-Commerce images for your website. But you still need to take a few things into account .

  1. Your jewelry is just a mirror. It only looks as good as what it reflects. if you going to shoot surrounded by dark items then thats what you’ll see…
  2. Always have white board, foam core is best (called a fill card in industry lingo) to bounce white back into your jewelry to help clean up those reflections. You can use a white piece of paper or envelop if thats all you have.
  3. Stay clear of direct harsh sunlight… the more diffused and bounced the better.

With a few fill cards bouncing light, you can really transform your images !

Little Wolf Collective is a New York City based photography studio with 20 years experience. We speciallize in product photography , especially fine jewelry but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few cues from the professionals and make your own clean still life images at home.

Visit Little Wolf Collective if you have any questions. We are here for you. let our team be your team.

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