What does your fee structure look like?

We at Little Wolf Collective pride ourselves in being fully transparent.

We charge flat rates, on an either a per-item or per-image basis depending on the service.

This fee includes all photography, retouching, and archival services. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge additional hourly retouching rates, nor do we charge any additional fees for our archival services. We don't believe in passing on the cost of equipment rentals, assistants or studio fees to our clients. What you see is what you get.

What is E-Commerce Photography?

 E-Commerce photography consists of product shot against a white backdrop and includes multiple angles of each item to help your customer make their online purchasing decision.

LWC offers E-Commerce photography at a competitive flat per item rate, which includes 3-4 angles of each product, (which may or may not include an "on-model" image depending on the client's needs), any and all retouching, and access to our image archiving services.

Our E-commerce photography package is designed to help you show off your product at the best value possible.

Clean, white, sharp, and color correct...

Our E-commerce package is designed with you in mind. We price by the item not by the image. All inclusive, no hidden costs, retouching included. All done in house.

  • up to 3 images per item
  • retouching included
  • shadow or reflection
  • On model ( model not included in cost )
  • Image archiving and hosting
  • 5 business day turn around from shoot date


What is the "Hero" Photography Package?

What we call the "Hero" is photography beyond E-commerce. The Hero shot consists of multiple composited images to eliminate blurring caused by depth-of-field.

Our Hero package also includes extensive retouching to make your product marketing ready and can be shot with varying colors of backdrops. The Hero is not meant for E-commerce, it is magazine quality photography, and retouching meant to show your product off in the best light possible.

Hero photography is available for a flat per image rate. This fee includes all retouching and archival services.

What is a Campaign/Creative Image?

 A Campaign image is a magazine quality “Editorial” style creative image designed to speak to and communicate your brand identity. It is narrative driven photography that helps the world better understand the voice and vision of your brand.

The Fee structure for Campaigns may vary based on the client’s needs.

I hate social media, will do it for me?

Yes, happily. Social media management can be an overwhelming task, especially for smaller or fledgling brands who’s attention is best served elsewhere.

We at LWC design social media packages custom tailored to your specific needs.  A social media package can include everything from photography and content management to providing you with detailed analytics of conversion rates.

Please reach out to us for a quote on a package built for you.

Do I have to pay for a Model?

Yes. Any and all model fees are not included in our flat rate packages. We are, however, more than happy to organize model castings, and provide you with several options of models at a rate of your choosing for your shoot.

Should I be present for my shoot?

Yes,  If you can. We always prefer to engage with our clients on a more intimate level, and we find it a great to us for you to be present on your very first shoot with us.We do however serve a clientele all over the States and internationally who ship us their goods to be photographed. In those cases, we find it important to keep the lines of communication open, and to have someone available, be it the owner or creative director, who can give us feedback remotely.

How do I get my product to you?

We are more than happy to receive your product via mail and send it back to you once the shoot is done.

How do I get my images?

 We use Dropbox. All of our clients can access their files via Dropbox, indefinitely. We archive and store all photographs we have every shot for you via Dropbox at no additional charge to you.

I am overwhelmed… Can you help me?

Yes. Call us, E-mail us, send a letter via carrier pigeon… we will be of service.